Located in the Batey Palmarejo, Santo Domingo West, the school was born from the need of thousands of children who cannot access the national education system, either because of lack of identity, being of Haitian descent, or the economic situation of their families. The batey in Palmarejo Ingenio Haina belonged to the State Sugar Council (CEA) and now CEA workers who were parents of the children going to school Anaisa.

The school began operating in 1996, after two previous years of community work of the citizens in the process of reconstruction and construction of space and other preparations needed to start the project. This initiative is held with the participation and involvement of fathers and mothers, guardians and with the participation of community organizations. The school is designed as a draft comprehensive education that includes working with children, but also their families, youth and other community members in general. It is envisioned as a way to supplement the school project, to develop greater breadth and depth linked to health, nutrition, environmental education and gender equity issues.

Since 2008, with support from Global Fund for Children and the Ford Foundation, we have labored to strengthen the work with youth and adolescents, parents and support groups in the batey school. We work with parents to integrate the activities of the school. For example, we formed the committee to support the school, which serves as the forum for discussion and pipeline proposals to improve the school and community. This effort is given to parents with a higher level of commitment which they have assumed in a remarkable way.

Thanks to the support of the University of Aguadilla since 2009 we get school supplies and extra-curricular activities for kids and support in paying salaries for school teachers.
Since 2010, with the support of Norwegian students we managed to give three days for school lunches for 258 school children, which allow us to improve their nutritional and health levels.

To date, the school Anaïsa has enrolled about 3,770 children in the batey Palmarejo and other surrounding communities, which have received teaching in the initial levels (nursery, kindergarten and pre-elementary school) and from first to fourth grade of elementary.