Throughout the years of work, MUDHA has obtained many achievements and awards, which are evidence of the seriousness and commitment of their work through its leadership along with the technical team.

Some of the main achievements are the following:

MUDHA is the first organization of civil society in the Dominican Republic to win a case before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACHR) against the Dominican State. The case is known as Yean and Bosico vs Dominican Republic. The judgment won became the first international award in the country and the first case before the Inter on the subject of nationality.

The school established by MUDHA, ANAISA: registers each year more than 250 children who cannot have access the public education system by the lack of documents.

Proven leadership in convening and mobilization among the population residing in bateyanas communities through effective experience throughout all years in which MUDHA work has accompanied these communities.

Acknowledgements: Sonia Pierre, founder of MUDHA received several national and international awards for his work on behalf of Dominicans of Haitian descent and vulnerable communities. After the death of Sonia Pierre, MUDHA has continued to receive awards in recognition of his work and career. These are some of the highlights.

MUDHA receives 2014 Award Global Fund for Children, U.S. institution that supports organizations working in the development of children around the world. The other awards in the same year are Cambodia organizations, Serbia, United States, India and Kenya.

2010 Sonia Pierre, honored with the International Women of Courage Award by the State Department of the United States;

2007 Sonia Pierre, was chosen one of the 100 women in the country recognized by their different social echelons to participate in the photo exhibition “Women” sponsored by  MERCASID

2006 Sonia Pierre was a awarded the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award in recognition for her work in the defense of the most vulnerable populations

2003 Sonia Pierre won the Ginetta Sagan Fund Award Amnesty International, as an advocate for the rights of Dominican citizens of Haitian descent

2002 Sonia Pierre was nominated for the award of UNESCO education for human rights.