THE WOMEN DOMINICO-HAITIANS MOVEMENT (MUDHA) is a non-profit organization.  Its offices are located in the capital Santo Domingo, and Leogane, Republic of Haiti. It was founded in 1983 by Solian Pie (Sonia Pierre) and a group of Dominican women of Haitian descent living in the bateyes (marginalized poor communities) in the country.

Mission– To improve the living conditions of these vulnerable communities, especially for women and children, while implementing human development programs including health programs, legal assistance, and human rights.

Vision– We fight for the defense of human rights by developing programs, high standard community projects, and promoting the capacity of self-motivation of community groups using a functional elemental structure and trained personnel motivated to help the community never comprising the core mission values of the organization.

Leadership – The co-founders of MUDHA – Sonia Pierre, Liliana Dolis and Lecedy Luis – were a solid working team whose decisions were made based on a collective judgment.

In December 2011, Mrs. Sonia Pierre, the director of MUDHA and an internationally renowned human rights advocate, passed away. After her passing, coordinator Liliana Dolis became the new director of the organization.

Population – since its inception, MUDHA has coordinated its efforts to the bateyans communities.  The organization’s main focus is placed on every member of the community, including children of Haitian descent. This group is considered the largest minority in the country and is often victimized through discrimination, racism and xenophobia.

Working Methodology– MUDHA is supported by the community that it represents, thanks to their established groundwork. MUDHA has a well-known reputation and is very influential within the community, thus placing it in an advantageous position to create different programs. Our emphasis is in programs which we have implemented within the communities such as: 1) a network of community organizers which help us insured our presence in the community. 2) A Technical team which, main function is to train and conduct the legal process, as well as defined work strategies; and 3) the coordination with community organizations and other local entities already working in the community.

In the work of training and sensitivity, we develop a methodology name: EVhA- Listen, See and Do,  in which we have accomplish changes in the community’s attitudes and behaviors. We have strategically empowered and trained young men to work with children and adolescents to influence this community at a young age.